Bundle 3

£129.00 / month

  • Unlimited audits
  • Base standard
  • 10 users
  • NCN management and KPI reporting
  • Dynamic risk assessment and audit scheduling

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In this bundle you can complete as many of the 18 system audits as you like and the non-conformance management system will automatically issue them to those who are responsible for them. You can chase, track and report on audits and non-conformances too.

You also get our awesome dynamic risk assessment and scheduling tool. Which means the days of manually risk assessing the frequency, scheduling your audits and then reminding your auditors to do them are a thing of the past! audIT.app will do it all for you!

Coming to this bundle soon…
We’re constantly working on adding additional standards to the system. And soon you’ll be able to add an additional standard of your choice, such as a retailer or customer standard.

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